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Preparing the Perfect Vacation Rental Listing

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Producing the perfect listing for a rental platform is a mix of art and science starting with a catchy title for the property. We will seduce the ideal guest into choosing a Pink Pineapple property by connecting with them on an emotional level through design, photos, and copy.

Before we can impress the guests with our incredible hospitality, steady communication, and unexpected details, we need to thrill them with the listing! There are three crucial steps that we take to ensure the perfect listing.

Decorating/Designing the Property

Have you scrolled through some of your local competitors’ listings?

Try it! What do you notice?

We have found that the properties commanding the highest nightly price and the ones that are continuously booked stand out from the rest. These places typically have some unique feature or décor that make the property intriguing. The images pull you in because their styling and photos look like they were ripped from the pages of Costal Living. There are hundreds of listings just like yours, but none that will command the attention like your listing after it is professionally decorated and photographed.

It’s important for the guest to feel an emotional connection while at your property and to feel at home from the moment they walk in the door. The guest should feel a sense of pride in the space and in turn respect your investment.We do this through carefully curating the furniture, accessories, artwork and soft goods.


The most important factor for luring in the perfect guest is the photos! Professional photography goes hand in hand with incredible décor.We provide the highest quality photography so that the guest knows exactly what the property looks like prior to walking in the door. We want the guest to be excited about booking your home and share their excitement with social media by posting photos and links to the house they get to live in while on vacation! Again, the guest is taking pride in the property and will treat it with respect while vacationing.

Listing Details

The way your listing is described on the rental platform is the third aspect of the listing. People will not click the “Info” button unless they are excited about the pictures of the space. This is your chance to really connect with the guest emotionally. This is where we tell a story about their perfect vacation and help them imagine savoring an ice-cold cocktail on the oversized screened lanai, cooling off in the incredible lap pool, or enjoying a lazy day relaxing on the cloud-like king bed. Once the guest has pictured themselves living this lifestyle in this vacation home, they are ready to book!

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